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Lancaster, PA

April Wefler

Bachelor's in communication, UCCS. History buff, Potterhead, Disnerd, Whovian. Co-founder of Alight, former writer for Forever Twenty Somethings and Fangirlish. Interned at Cork Independent. Available for freelance.

Flying solo

Three years ago today, I boarded British Airways for my first international flight. Thanks a mill, Facebook; reading that wasn’t depressing, at all. I don’t even remember the first time I stepped foot in an airport. It must have been around age three, travelling with Mom to visit her family in Missouri.

Developer’s daughter reflects on Parkcrest’s beginnings

When the developer of Springfield’s Parkcrest neighborhood decided to create a new subdivision outside the Springfield city limits, people told him he was crazy. “He was told no one would ever want to live that far out in the country,” said Betty Smith Ridge, the daughter of Parkcrest developer Tom Smith.

MUCH Ado about ophelia

Three years ago, I moved to Florida for five months as a member of the Walt Disney World College Program. While there, I never once experienced a hurricane. The most inclement weather we had was a tornado warning that kept us in the shop for the day and highly annoyed the guests. As a child in California, I was in one small earthquake.

Breathing life into Cork city

Visit Patrick's Street in Ireland's Cork city once a month and you'll hear the testimony of a man that was tired of seeing his friends hang themselves with a rope.

‘A wonderful actor’

One half of the beloved Cha and Miah duo has passed away at the age 84. Michael Twomey, also known as his alter-ego Miah, died yesterday morning. Mr Twomey, a legend of Cork theatre, was known for RTÉ’s ‘Pictorial Weekly’ which ran from 1971-1982 every Wednesday night. He was born in 1933 in Blackrock and his fascination with theatre originated in the James Stack School, largely due to his mother’s interest in his acting talent.

Bryan Adams' performance a love letter to the 80s

He sang "I’m gonna go down rockin" and that's exactly what he did. Bryan Adams emerged onto the stage as the life-size poster behind him started to move. There was no warmup act, just Adams and his band, starting at about 8pm for Live at the Marquee. His energy was electric and it was magnified by the energy of the crowd.

Cork City Ballet still on pointe after 25 years

“The greatest satisfaction I get is when I introduce people to ballet for the first time. Even though it’s a stylised art form, it’s only dancing and it’s for everyone,” says Cork City Ballet artistic director Alan Foley. In 1959, champion Irish stepdancer Joan Moriarty founded Cork’s first amateur ballet company and 43 years later, her pupil Alan Foley created Cork City Ballet – which turns 25 this year.

Vibrant “Fantastic Beasts” Costumes Of The Roaring 20’s Earn Harry Potter Fandom Its First Oscars Win

One of the great mysteries in life is trying to understand why the original Harry Potter movies never won a much-deserved Academy Award, despite 12 nominations. But now, thanks to the fantastical splendor of the American wizarding world in the 2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Potterheads finally came away victorious with a win at the 2017 Oscars on February 26.

How I Moved Abroad After College Without Needing a Sponsor

Nearly a year after graduation, I started working toward moving abroad. An avid reader throughout my childhood and adolescence, I often found myself dreaming about visiting the countries of the stories I read. I could see myself exploring the Tower of London, walking through the streets of Florence with a cup of gelato, seeing the pyramids in Egypt and following the footsteps of the French Revolution rebels.

Long-time professors look back on campus history

To commemorate the school’s 50th anniversary, The Scribe asked long-term and retired professors about the early days of UCCS. Allen Schoffstall said UCCS was first called the Colorado Springs-CU Extension. “I think the attitude of people around town was that we were some kind of Boulder thing,” he said.


April Wefler

Bachelor's of Communications, UCCS, Dec. 2015.
History minor.

I excel in feature and news writing and have a passion for travel and entertainment journalism. I speak advanced French, in addition to intermediate Spanish and Portuguese, and have an elementary knowledge of Italian and basic Irish.



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